Ta Kill Ya

by Folsom Keller



Its about drinking and partying and then being lonely


released November 8, 2016

Would like to thank Tequila for fueling the furnace



all rights reserved


Folsom Keller Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Love, You Do Me Right
Girl, You
Do, Me
Right, All
Right, Yeah

Fall down on your knees
For a quick release
From a swollen gun ohh
Woman gunna make you cum

Im chokin on skin
And full of sin
But I cant wait
For you to get me off
So masturbate

You got what I need
So suck it and see
Bend over baby
Get me off before I go crazy
Im cumming inside
Feel my big surprise
Gunna leave my stain
Girl, you'll never get me outta your brain
Track Name: Ta Kill Ya
Ta Kill Ya

I Wanna Get Drunk
But I'd Rather
Get Drunk With You
Track Name: Gimme Gimme
I got a whip near my dick and a loaded gun
Call me the duke of New York kuz Im A number 1

Gimme Gimme Alcohol (marijuana)
Gimme Gimme Booze
Gimme Gimme Everything
I Dont Wanna Choose
Gimme Gimme Alcohol (marijuana)
Gimme Gimme Booze
Gimme Gimme Everything
I Dont Wanna Lose

I dont give 2 shits about you now
I dont give a fuck about you now

Grab another 6er kuz we're on the run
Keep the pedal on the floor till the border comes
Track Name: Vampire
Oh I dont drink red wine
I got no time, kuz im a vampire
The sun is coming up
I'll turn to dust, kuz im a vampire

Oh I can never die
I will survive, kuz im a vampire
In time, I'll realize
That Im alive, but im a vampire

I sleep beneath your feet
And there I feed, kuz im a vampire
I need eternity
to find peace, kuz im a vampire

(but im no vampire)
Track Name: Post Summer Double Bummer
Its been 3 long days since I last seen you
And there's nothing that i'd wanna do
Kuz ive been stuck up in my room
So I wrote these songs here just for you

You Got Me Bummed Out
Im So Bummed Out (x2)
All I Wanna Do Is Be With You
But Im Not So I Am So Bummed Out

Well I drank all of the booze ya left me
And it did the trick most definitely
Kuz you kiss so venomously
And you touch so delicately

You Got Me Bummed Out
Im So Bummed Out (x4)